Course Syllabus

1. What if I am not sure that my device will work with Canvas?

Here is a link from Instructure (the company that owns Canvas) which shows the requirements for devices to use Canvas.

Remember that although Canvas will work on a mobile device, we do not recommend submitting assignments or taking quizzes on a mobile device. If you believe that you have submitted an assgiment or quiz using a mobile device, but theassignent or quiz has not been submitted, there is no way to retrieve the assignment or quiz.

If your instructor is using publisher materials such as MyMathLab or McGrawHill software, please check the requirements for that software.

2.  What if  I have followed the login instructions, but cannot get into Canvas

Contact 4IT support at

3. What if I am having problems with MyMathLab or other publisher software?

Most publishers have 24/7 support for students. Here are links to support for the most commonly used publishers:

Pearson/ MyMath Lab

McGraw Hill


4. What if  Canvas is just not working right

A lot of times, you can resolve this issue by clearing your browser cache.

If something does not work on a mobile device, try using a PC.

If this does not resolve your problem, please go to the question mark icon on the left side of your Canvas screen and submit a trouble report.

5.  What if I  cannot access my assignment, or I think that my grade is wrong.

If you cannot access an assignment or quiz, or you have a question about your grade, please communicate with your instructor.

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