Syllabus M Shaffer MNGT 111

Syllabus M Shaffer MNGT 111

Course Title: Introduction to Business

Course Number: Management 111 – 900 SEQ   41280

Credits: 3            

Pre or co requisite: Math 017 or higher.


Instructor: Dr. Mike Shaffer

                 Community College of Philadelphia

                 Department of Marketing and Management


The Text and required online access can be purchased  through the CCP bookstore or it may be purchased directly from the Pearson Publishing at

See below for the registration instructions.

Course Objectives:

To broaden the understanding the of the free enterprise system.

To examine how business operates in our modern political, social and economic environment.

To clarify the role of profits in our economic system.

To analyze the methods and procedures used in business to arrive at effective decisions by means of case solutions.

Course Evaluation:  This is a course that emphasizes reading and completing assignments.  Each week there are Pearson MyLab Assignments.   The assignments include video cases, mini simulations, and quizzes. All of these assignments are done on Pearson MyLab which can be accessed through Canvas. The quizzes will account for 40% of your grade; the assignments will account for 50%; the Discussions will account for 10%  See below.


Quizzes                                                           40%

Pearson Assignments                                      50%

Discussions/Self-reflection                             10%

A         90.00-100.00

B         80.00-89.99

C         70.00-79.99

D         60.00-69.99

F                 0-59.99  



Any written assignment presented by a student in fulfillment of course requirements must reflect his/her own work unless credit is properly given to others. Failure to do so is a form of stealing known as plagiarism, the act of appropriating all or part of a literary composition of another person and passing it off as one's own. Anyone who assists another in such academic dishonesty is equally responsible. The act of plagiarism will open a student to disciplinary action.


Attendance and lateness: Students are expected to visit the online site on a daily basis and have all work submitted by its due date.  Failure to comply will result in a downgrade.

Information regarding classroom management:  Gradable discussions require 3 posts.  Your own post plus 2 other posts commenting on another student’s post is the procedure to follow. 

Statement on Disability:  Academic accommodations will be made for all students with disabilities and special needs.  For more information contact the Center on Disability, Bonnell Building, Room BG-39.  Tel: 215-751-8050              

Special needs: Any student requiring accessibility in order to complete this course will be accommodated by contacting the instructor.     

Community College of Philadelphia's Early Alert Initiative: The system positively intervenes in Community College of Philadelphia's students' academic paths early and appropriately by effectively communicating current performance and supplying information beneficial to academic success. Faculty members have the opportunity to complete Early Alert reports at 20% and 50% reporting periods during the semester. Students will be assessed on the following items: attendance, punctuality, meeting assignment deadlines, classroom behavior, classroom participation and other factors pivotal to student success. Should you receive an Early Alert letter, you should follow up on the suggested intervention strategy as soon as possible.

Attendance: College Policy and Procedure #5 allows your instructor to withdraw any student from the class who has missed the equivalent of two weeks of class. This is an online class. You may be dropped based on failure to log in and complete assignments.

Classroom Conduct: It is expected that students will conduct themselves according to the guidelines found in the CCP College Policies and Procedures Article IV, 5. (Retrieved from College website: )

Academic Honesty: Except when permitted by your instructor, all work is expected to reflect an individual effort. Attribution should be given when appropriate. All students are expected to understand what constitutes cheating and plagiarism as described in College Policies and Procedures Memorandum #3 (P&P #3). If a violation of P&P#3 is found or suspected, a formal judicial process will be conducted to investigate the violation and the consequences will range from an F for the assignment to an F for the course.

Center on Disability: Students who believe they may need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability should contact me privately to discuss their accommodation form and specific needs as soon as possible, but preferably within the first week of class. If you need to request reasonable accommodations, but do not have an accommodation form, please contact the Center on Disability, room BG-39, phone number 215-751-8050.

Students who are registered with the Center on Disability must inform the instructor by the end of the first week of classes if special accommodations are requested.

College Closing Policy

Please note: The college closing does not change the due dates for any of the assignments.

The number for the cancellation of evening or weekend classes is #2238. Radio station KYW-AM 1060 will announce the College’s closing number.

You are encouraged to sign up for; “e2 Campus” is an emergency notification system. Go to the MyCCP Home page to sign up for the notification system.


Course Summary:

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