Math 151

Linear Mathematics

Spring 2020, Section 900

Instructor : Margaret Wojcicka-Hitczenko                                        

Office: B1-9E   Phone 751-8943        E-mail:  please communicate with me through Canvas or MathLabPlus

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Prerequisite: FNMT 118 with a grade of "C" or better, or placement in Math 161 or higher.

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The Course:Cartesian coordinates, linear equations in two variables, graphing lines, systems of linear equations and inequalities, Gauss-Jordan elimination, matrices, matrix addition and multiplication, matrix inversion, geometric solution of linear programming problems, the Simplex method, duality.

Learning Objectives: Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to apply course concepts to interpret and solve problems relating to the following topics:

  1. Graph lines, linear inequalities and systems of linear inequalities in the plane
  2. Determine whether a system of linear equations is independent, dependent or inconsistent, and solve systems of linear equations using matrices
  3. Solve linear programming problems graphically and using the simplex method

Materials/Textbook: Linear Math Math 151 Community College of Philadelphia Third Custom Edition, Pearson; It should be available to you in CCP bookstrore.

Enrollment Policy:    It is the responsibility of each to student to maintain his or her enrollment in the class. If a student wishes to register late for this course, he or she must obtain my permission before the third class and there must be a seat available.  All missed work will be expected to be completed once enrolled. Students who no longer wish to participate in the course must withdraw themselves. I will not withdraw students for poor attendance. Any student who has stopped attending or submitting required work and is still enrolled in the course at the end of the semester will receive a grade of F. Persons who are not enrolled in the course are not permitted to be in the classroom without prior permission of the instructor.

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Attendance:               Not submitting homework on time will be considered as an absence.  Any student absent for the equivalent of two weeks may be dropped. 

Course content:        The course will cover chapter 1-4 (see the detailed syllabus at the bottom of this document)

Tests:                         There will be 3 on-line tests. No test score will be dropped.  

Missed tests:             Missed tests can be made up only if a student has a justifiable excuse. If you know beforehand that you will have to miss an exam, please contact me, so you can take the exam in advance of the rest of the class. In case of emergencies impossible to foresee, to be ‘eligible’ for a make-up exam, please contact me as soon as possible (e-mail or voice-mail). Once I determine that you indeed have a legitimate excuse, you will be given a make-up exam.

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Final Exam:                Final Exam will be comprehensive and it will be given during the  Final Week on line.

Grading system   Tests will account for 60%, the final exam for  20%, and homework on MyLabsPlus  20%, 

Grade scale is as follows:   A= 85-100%   B=75-85%   C=65- 75%   D=55-65% 

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 The syllabus below is a subject to change. 

week #

Session #

Topics Covered



 1.1 Slope and Equations of Lines

 1.2 Linear Functions and Applications



 2.1 Solutions of Linear Systems by the Echelon Method



  2.2 Solutions of Linear Systems by the Gauss-Jordan Method



  Review of 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2 ; Test 1



2.3 Addition and Subtraction of Matrices

2.4 Multiplication of Matrices

2.5 Matrix Inverses



3.1 Graphing Linear Ineqaualities



Review of 2.3-2.5, 3.1   Test 2



Spring Break March 2- March 7



3.2 Solving Linear Programming Problems Graphically



3.3 Applications of Linear Programming



4.1 Slack Variables and the Pivot



4.2 Maximization Problems



Review for 4.1, 4.2     Test 3



 4.3 Minimization Problems: Duality



 Final Exam

Course Summary:

Date Details Due