Syllabus POLS 101 David Freeman 4 weeks

Syllabus POLS 101 David Freeman 4 weeks


Syllabus for American Government, Winter Term


Instructor:  David Freeman, Esquire 

Email address:

Office W3-28, Office phone, 215-751-8744

Office hours: Online as announced

Meeting Dates:  No “live” meetings

Last Day of Regular Classes:  1/9/15


Weather Policy:  (Not applicable to online classes)

For the first day of inclement weather, if the Philadelphia public school system is closed, out class is cancelled.  After the first day, watch for emails from me.


Text: Morone & Kirsch,  By the People: Debating American Government (Oxford University Press, 2012)  The book is also in electronic format.


Credit value: 3.0 Credit hours total



Subject Matter of this course:


The foundations of American government.  Three branches, United States Constitution, evolving influences on the political process.


Student Learning Outcomes:


Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. identify and describe the fundamental components of the United States Constitution.

 2.   compare and contrast the functions of the three branches of the American government and explain how they interact.

 3.   discuss the roles played by special interest groups and political parties in the governing of the United States.



Instructor reserves the right to have additional unplanned quizzes 


Nothing may be submitted late.  


There are adequate assignments to cover a make-up test, so I will not give make-up tests.  


No make-up tests.


Weekly requirements


The course is divided into modules.  Each module generally covers two chapters in the text.



In accordance with school policy, students will be dropped after two weeks of absences.  

Note: if your excessive absences occur after the deadline to withdraw, your final grade will be lowered by one full letter grade.


Plagiarism: Plagiarism is a very serious offense and will be treated seriously. The College’s Rules and Regulations on Plagiarism and Academic Honesty are contained in the Student Handbook. 

Academic dishonesty, including plagiarism, will result in a referral to ther College’s disciplinary and sanctions from failing the assignment, or course or reduction in grade, at the instructor’s discretion.



Your overall grade will be computed as follows:


              Discussions                      35 points 


              Quizzes                            35 points


              Assignments                    30 points



Grading Scale:





F=Less than 60









Course Summary:

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