Syllabus Francine Lukacik AH 260

Syllabus Francine Lukacik AH 260

Community College of Philadelphia

 This is not a complete syllabus but a guide to provide information about AH260.

If you register for AH260 please follow the syllabus provided.


Course Information

AH260 Supervisory Management in Health Care

Hybrid Online

3 Credits No Lab 3-0-0-3

Instructor:  Fran Lukacik


Office:  W2-27

Phone:  215-751-8962


Course Overview

Welcome to supervisory management.  This course may be different from others that you have taken because it applies theories.  Often there are no correct or incorrect answers, just your ability to apply theory as to how you would handle situations based what you learned.  The key is to show original well thought out processes and be able to support your decisions with theory.

This course is an online hybrid meaning that a portion of your work is completed online through Canvas and a portion is completed in a traditional classroom.  Face-to-face meetings are scheduled as we do not meet weekly.  It is important that you come to the scheduled face-to-face meetings (classes) and complete your work online in Canvas.  In this course students do a great deal of the teaching and you construct your own knowledge by taking responsibility for your learning. My role is to be a coach and guide you through the learning process.  You are in total and complete control of the grade that you earn.


Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe a healthcare environment and contrast it to industry’s environment
  • Appraise leadership qualities of a healthcare supervisor, including personality, management styles and education
  • Appraise and perform management functions including planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling
  • Describe personnel management roles including recruitment, selection, performance evaluation, disciplinary and dismissal procedures
  • Plan and prepare budgets
  • Demonstrate processes for solving management problems
  • Describe the importance of communication between management, staff, and patients

 Objectives are measured by participation in the class forums, completion of assignments and projects and testing. 


Course Success

Students who have planned adequate time are most successful.  Expect to spend 9 to 12 hours weekly for this course.  This is a three credit course so the general guideline is to plan one hour for each credit of class time plus an additional two hours for each class hour on the material for this course.  If you desire a high grade 9 to 12 hours each week is needed for this class. 


Course Description (from the College Catalog)

AH 260 Supervisory Management in Health Care

“This course introduces supervisory management with respect to the functions, skills, and tools of management.  Students learn about organizational structures within health care facilities and management responsibilities including recruiting, training, decision-making, evaluating and planning. Leadership, employee morale, and the dynamics of change are also addressed.”


Course Prerequisites

Prerequisite: AH 204

Since this is a hybrid class, it is important that you are able to type.  Also you need to have a basic understanding of computers. 


Course Required Text and Materials


McConnell, C.R. (2015) The Effective Health Care Supervisor. Jones and Bartlett:  Massachusetts 8th Edition

ISBN:  978-1-284-05441-5

Please bring your textbook to class.


A calculator is needed for the budget class.


 Course, Converters and Canvas Minimum Computer Requirements

Please read over the user and technical requirements for Canvas found on CCP’s Distance Education Webpage

AH260 requires the ability to view PowerPoint. It is difficult to take this course without access to a computer, printer, and the Internet at home.


Class Policies

Assignments/Projects and Late Assignments

Directions for all assignments are provided in Canvas.  Complete assignments professionally with correct spelling and grammar.  All assignments are to be typed or word-processed.   To receive maximum credit for assignments and projects be sure to submit them properly.  Assignments for this class will be submitted through Canvas. Assignments accepted after the due date/time, even for valid reasons have point deductions

 Plan to submit assignments on time.  One minute after the deadline is considered late.  You are able to complete assignments until the date indicated in the syllabus calendar with deductions and then scored a zero.  Late assignments have a 10% point reduction for the first 24 hours and then 1 point daily until no points remain and/or by the last day accepted as indicated on the syllabus calendar. 


Attendance and Lateness

Students are expected to be on time and attend both the face-to-face and online portions of the class.  Since this is a management class you are required to sign in upon entry into the class.  As you are treated as a manager you will need to report any absence.  Points are deducted from your final point total absenteeism.


Computer/ Internet Difficulties

This class requires the need to have access to a computer and the Internet.  Please plan for interruptions in Internet service or computer difficulties (crashes, etc.).  Deadlines still need to be achieved if you experience computer /Internet problems.  Please have a backup plan for computer malfunctions and Internet interruptions. 


Testing and Missed Test

Tests may be given online or in-class.  Tests are multiple choice, fill-in-the blank and short answer.  All tests are timed allowing one minute for multiple choice questions and two minutes for short answer and fill in the blank.  If you do not take you test during the testing period you will be able to take you test late with points deducted.


College Policies

Academic Dishonesty

Please read the Student Handbook for College policies on plagiarism, cheating and attendance.  All tasks must reflect your original work unless indicated otherwise.  You receive a grade of zero for any test, task or assignment that is plagiarized. 


Disability Statement

If you have a disability or a disability that occurs during the course, which requires accommodations in this course, please see me as soon as possible as I am happy to make appropriate accommodations. 


Criteria and Methods for Evaluation 

The course grade is earned as follows:           Possible points            (% of final grade)


115  points



Assignments and Projects 


  Problem Solving

80 points


35 points

30 points





  Before and After

  Communications Assignment

  Managerial Project

  Class Presentation

30 points

35 points

50 points

25 points




400 points



Letter Grade

368 to 400 points

92 to 100%



336 to 367 points

84 to 91.9%



300 to 335 points

75 to 83.9%



280 to 299 points

70 to 74.9%



< or = 279 points

< 69%



Extra Credit Points

Extra credit tasks are offered throughout the course.  It is your responsibility to take advantage of extra credit.  Extra credit is not offered at the end of the semester.

Course Summary:

Date Details