Diet Analysis - 1 Project

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Diet Analysis Project Part 1

(Required in order to submit Parts 2 and 3)


· Please record your food intake for 2 weekdays and 1 weekend day. Include your portions for foods and beverages. Remember to record water and beverages.

· Write down about how much time you spend on exercise for these 3 days, and whether it is moderate or heavy.

  • Go to iProfile in WileyPLUS.
  • Create your Profile. Choose the best activity level to match what you did for those 3 days.
  • Enter your 3 days of food intake into the Food Journal. Review the Resource Tools to build your own recipe if needed.
  • Click on Reports to run the reports needed below to submit.

· There is also a new iProfile mobile app which you can use to record your food and activity intake conveniently:

How to Access iProfile Mobile

Use the web browser on your phone or tablet to navigate to Canvas.
Go to WileyPLUS and iProfile.
You can bookmark this page, or Save to Home Screen on your iPhone or iPad to create a clickable icon.

The mobile version is designed for quickly recording your food intakes and activities and checking the Intake Compared to DRI and Energy Balance reports. Not all desktop functions are available. You can access the regular desktop version through the Tools menu. If you have any questions about the program function, please consult the Help section of the mobile version.

What is required to submit for this part of the project

pdf files from iProfile for:

  1. Three day Food Journal Summary (24 points)
  2. Intake Compared to DRI chart (Not the My DRI report) – enter the dates for which you recorded information so you will have one report which is an average for the 3 days. Select the “Complete View”, not the “basic view” option (36 points)
  3. Energy Balance: also for a 3 day average (16 points)
  1. And complete the form below: Energy and Macronutrient composition of my diet (24 points)

If you have any difficulty saving these as pdf files, save them as Excel files.


  • Based on complete information submitted.
  • Errors in portion sizes may result in deductions.
  • Please look over your intake spreadsheet for each day before submission to identify any unusual trends. I may ask for these also if I have a question about your work. For example: a daily calorie intake of 19,000 due to using 1 kg instead of 1 oz for a candy bar.
  • Please note your grade has nothing to do with your food choices! It is important to be honest so this assignment is meaningful to you.



Energy and Macronutrient Composition of My Diet


  • Calorie needs:______________ Average calorie intake:____________

            Deficit:___________________    or excess:_________________


  • Protein Average intake:______________grams

Your weight in lbs:______In kg: (divide wt. in lbs. by 2.2):__________

Protein RDA (0.8 gm per kg. body weight) = ________grams.

Percentage of calories from protein:___________gm. average protein intake x 4 divided by  average calorie intake:_________ x 100 = _____________

AMDR for protein:____________________


  • Carbohydrate Average intake:______________grams

Percentage of calories from carbohydrate:___________gm. average carbohydrate  intake x 4 divided by average calorie intake:_________ x 100 = _____________

AMDR for carbohydrate:____________________

Sugar: average intake: _______________grams. Includes natural and added sugar


  • Fat Average intake:______________grams

Percentage of calories from fat:___________gm. average total fat intake x 9 divided by average calorie intake:_________ x 100 = _____________

AMDR for fat:____________________


  • Does the percentage of calories from fat, protein, and carbohydrate add up to 100?_____

If yes, you probably did this correctly. If not, did you drink alcohol? ______Check if the % of calories from alcohol accounts for the rest of the percentage of calories consumed:________________________________

Diagram to help with Parts 1 and 2












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