Syllabus Math 118 Mamadou Kane (7w)

Syllabus Math 118 Mamadou Kane (7w)


SUMMER 2019 7A FNMT 118 Section _ _ _ CRN _ _ _ _ _

Online Class    May 13 – June 27



Instructor:     Professor Mamadou Kane

Office: M3 – 20         Phone: 215 – 751 – 8690                         E-mail:

Office Hours:


The Course: This Intermediate Algebra course will introduce Real Numbers and Algebraic Expressions. Equations and Inequalities will follow. Thereafter Graphs and Functions along with Systems of Equations and Inequalities will serve as a bridge to Polynomials, Rational and Irrational Functions and Expressions. Quadratic Function will close our voyage. Correct mathematical format will be stressed and expected when working on problems, including classwork / homework and exams. Calculators will not be allowed throughout the course. Please be aware this is an accelerated course: 15-Week materials are taught over a 7-Week period.


Student Learning Outcomes - After completing this course, you should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate mastery of complex arithmetic operations involving all real numbers
  2. Solve linear equations and inequalities
  3. Solve absolute values linear equations and inequalities
  4. Graph linear functions and determine their characteristics
  5. Solve system of linear equations by graphing, substitution, and elimination
  6. Perform operations with exponents: Addition, multiplication, division and factorization
  7. Simplify radical expressions for use in quadratic formula
  8. Solve quadratic equations by factoring, completing the squares, and by quadratic formula
  9. Multiply, divide, add, and simplify rational expressions


No calculators Will Be Used In This Class: The use of calculators on tests and quizzes is not permitted. It is recommended that you do not use calculators outside of the classroom when working on assignments. The purpose of assignments outside of class is to better prepare you for the Final Exam taken on campus, and this goal can be best achieved if you do not use a calculator.


Materials/Textbook: Intermediate Algebra Math 118 (Elayn Martin-Gay) 9th Custom Edition for CCP taken from “Intermediate Algebra, 7th Edition – Pearson. You must purchase the bundle textbook with MyMathLab Access Code. This class relies heavily on Computer Based Assignments. Make every effort to have access to a computer, to purchase the required material, to practice using the software, and to complete your homework, quizzes and tests.

You must have these with you for every class session: paper/notebook/binder + writing utensil to take notes and to do classroom assignments.


Contacting Instructor: The telephone number listed has voice mail. Please call when making an appointment. If you contact me by e-mail, please include "FNMT 118-005" in the subject line and sign your e-mail (with your first and last name) so I will know who has written the e-mail.


MyCCP/Canvas: As a student you have access to Canvas under MyCCP.

Select this particular course and you will see links to, among other things, a list of members of this class and an easy way to e-mail them along with your instructor. You will also see a link where files can be stored for your use and anything I choose to download to this space.

Your course is: FNMT 118 005 7A SU18 – Intermediate Algebra

Help Available: You can find help in the Math Learning Lab in room B2-36 (See Summer 2019 Schedule).


Attendance: Students are responsible for all work assigned on MyLabsPlus. They include Homework, Quizzes, and Tests all taken at home. Remember Final Exam will be given on the Main Campus in a computer Lab.


Relevant Website:


Inclement Weather: Even in the event of inclement weather, students are expected to complete their assignments.


Online Assignments: Homework will be assigned online. Students are to get familiar with MyLabsPlus Software. Your Class is: FNMT 118 - Sec. 005 Intermediate Algebra - 7th edition. Homework will have clear deadline with five trials but they will not be accepted after due dates. No Homework will be dropped. Please, DO NOT USE CALCULATOR when completing Online Homework. Overall weight of Online Homework is 10%.


Discussions: Timely and pertinent participation to weekly discussions. No extension. Overall weight for Discussions is 5%.


Quizzes: These assessments gauge students understanding of concepts being taught. Quizzes will be assigned online and will be timed with 2 trials and clear deadline. No Quiz will be dropped. No extension. Overall weight of Quizzes is 10%.


Tests: There will be four tests. Only one trial allowed. Calculators and cell phones will not be allowed. No Test will be dropped. Overall weight of the four tests is 35%.



Missed tests: Because this is an online course, there will be no make-up for missed assignments. Please make sure you read and understand that policy before signing up for the class


Final Exam: The Departmental Final will be taken on Campus in a computer lab. It will be comprehensive (all topics covered). The Departmental Final Exam is a 2-hour exam. Calculators are not allowed on the final exam. A student who does not take the Departmental Final Exam may only be assigned a grade of FS, F, or I (Incomplete). A student cannot receive any other grade (A, B, C or D) without taking the Departmental Final Exam. If a student, for a legitimate reason, does not take the final exam, his/her make-up exam should be scheduled with me. 3 weeks before the Final, Practice Final Exam will be made available at under ‘MyMathTest’.

Final Exam weighs 40% of your overall grade.


Summary Scoring:

Homework: 10%

Discussions: 5%

Quizzes: 10%

Tests 1 – 4: Overall 35%

Final Exam: 40%




Grading System. This course is a three – credit course with six grades possible:


A:        100 – 90

B:        89 – 80

C:        79 – 70

D:        69 – 60


F:         Below 59                                                                   

I:          With Department Chair Authorization – Missed Final with Justification.


Honesty Policy: Any proven cheating on Tests, Homework, or the Final Exam will result in an automatic zero for that particular assignment including all concerned and might also result in disciplinary action.


Statement on disability: In order to receive classroom or testing accommodations, students with disabilities must be registered with the Center on Disability, and must provide their instructors with accommodation forms that have been prepared by a counselor in the Center.





Start and End Dates:


07A: 05/13/2019 – 06/27/2019


Refund Dates:


100% Refund

50% Refund

0% Refund



05/13/2019 – 05/21/2019

05/22/2019 and after


Deadlines for Withdraw and Incompletes Dates:









The last date to withdraw from your summer 2019 course is:

June 17th, 2019 for 7-Week Course (7A)

Though you (the student) won’t earn an F if you withdraw, before you decide to withdraw from this course or any other course, think about the following information:

  1. The W will be reflected on your transcript permanently.
  2. W’s on transcripts may have a negative impact on acceptance into select programs.
  3. Transfer institutions may view W’s negatively, and it may go against your application.
  4. Your financial aid may be impacted.

Please discuss your options with your instructor or an advisor/counselor before you decide to withdraw from a course.


Other Important Dates:


Monday, May 27: Memorial Day – College Closed

Saturday, June 25: Final Day of Classes

Wednesday, June 26 & Thursday, June 27: Final Exam

Grades Due: Friday, June 29, 2019






Week 1










Week 2









Week 3






Equations, Inequalities, and Problem Solving

Section 2.1: Linear Equations in One Variable

Section 2.3: Formulas Equations

Section 2.4: Linear Inequalities

Section 2.5: Compound Inequalities

Section 2.6: Absolute Value Equations

Section 2.7: Absolute Value Inequalities

Quiz Chapter 2

Test Chapter 2


Graphs and Functions.

Section 3.1: Graphing Equations

Section 3.2: Introduction to Functions

Section 3.3: Graphing Linear Functions

Section 3.4: Slope of a Line

Section 3.5: Equations of a Line

Quiz Chapter 3

Test Chapter 3


Systems of Equations.

Section 4.1: Solving Systems of Linear Equations in Two Variables Read at home before lesson

Section 4.1: Solving Systems of Linear Equations in Two Variables (Skip Section 4.2 and 4.3)

Quiz Section 4.1

Test Section 4.1



Weeks 3 & 4










Week 5








Week 6


Exponents, Polynomials, And Polynomials Functions.

Sections 5.1 & 5.2: Exponents & More Work with Exponents

Sections 5.3 & 5.4: Polynomials and Polynomial Functions & Multiplying Polynomials

Section 5.5: Greatest Common Factor and Factoring by Grouping

Section 5.6: Factoring Trinomials

Section 5.7: Factoring by Special Products

Section 5.8:   Solving Equations by Factoring

Quiz Chapter 5

Test Chapter 5


Rational Expressions.

Section 6.1: Rational Function and Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions

Section 6.2: Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions (Skip Section 6.3)

Section 6.4: Dividing Polynomials: Long Division and Synthetic Divisions

Section 6.5: Solving Equations Containing Rational Expression ((Skip Section 6.6)

Quiz Chapter 6

Test Chapter 6


Quadratic Equations and Functions / Simplifying Radical Expressions.

Section 7.3: Simplifying Radical Expressions

Section 8.1: Solving Quadratic Equations by Completing the Square

Section 8.2: Solving Quadratic Equations by the Quadratic Formula (Skip Section 8.3)

Quiz Sections 8.1 and 8.2

Test Sections 8.1 and 8.2



Week 7

June 26 or 27




                                                                                                   Final Exam – Date to be confirmed




Course Summary:

Date Details Due