Course Syllabus

Community College of Philadelphia

English Department

Online Public Speaking : ENGL 115-900 ONL

Vaishali Sharma

Students have to attend mandatory Zoom Live Sessions via webcam on every Friday fom 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm

Office: Main Campus Room B226

Phone: (215) 751-8415

Email: (for subject please use “ENGL 115”)

Office Hours: Friday from 3 pm to 4 pm and also by appointment

Co/Prerequisites: ENGL 114 or 101

Description: Emphasizes the preparation and delivery of a public speech. The focus of the course is speaking to inform, persuade and entertain. Some sections will further stress argumentation and debate.

Required: The public speaking project (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.: Virtual text by multiple authors. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Technical Requirement: You need a regular laptop or desktop computer with the webcam. You will be using a webcam to do your speeches. (Avoid doing the coursework on any mobile device like smartphone or tablet because the Canvas app does not provide full features of the learning management system.).

Grading: This class will be graded on a point system. The point allocation is as follows  

Points Total
Syllabus (part-1) 10 10
Syllabus (part-2) Quiz 20 20
Introduction Discussion 25 25
Six Written Speech Outlines 25 150
Six Speech Deliveries  40 240
Three Speech Feedback's 30 90
Job Interview 60 60
Five Quizzes 25 125
Twelve Live Meetings Attendance 10 120
Three Discussion 20 60
Final Exam 100 100
Total 1000



This course is designed to help you become a better speaker. You will learn how to be comfortable before the audience, how to compose coherent and purposeful speeches, and also how to deliver speeches effectively.

Another important part of the course is to become an effective critic. The course requires that students’ critic work of their peers and in the process improve their own speeches.

Attendance Policy

In an online course logging regularly is not sufficient for the attendance, you have to submit the course work (which may include discussion, quizzes, and assignment). 

Grading Detail

Discussions (Three Discussions with 20 points per Discussion total of 60 points)   

For discussion, please write original response of minimum 100 words. And for peer responses write min. 75 words.

Quizzes (Five Quizzes)                               

Speeches (Six Speeches with 40 points for speech delivery and 25 points for submitting the written speech outline in the Canvas system, total of 390 points)

Job Interview (30 points for written part and 30 points for the video)

Twelve Live Meetings: (10 points per meeting, a total of 120 points.)

Speech feedback (Three constructive speech feedback, 30 points per feedback, total of 90 points)

Final Exam (100 points)

The final exam is cumulative. The date/time of the final will be announced.

You are responsible for choosing your topics. The choice of topic should be culturally sensitive and address the needs and interests of your audience. If you have doubts about a matter, please discuss them with me. A part of your grade will be dependent on the choice of your topic.

Written speech outlines should be submitted in the Canvas system before you present the speech via Live Zoom Session. Active online participation is required. Oral presentation must be delivered when your name is called during the Live Zoom Session from the roster; if you do not deliver the speech when your name is called, then you will be given a chance to do one makeup speeches at the end of the semester. For the makeup speeches, you will only receive the 75% of the grade.

Information about Live Zoom Sessions

We will have Twelve live sessions in this class. The first session will be on Thursday, Sept. 6 at 8 pm.

Zoom live session will be listed in the Modules. To join the live session click on the highlighted link or you may copy and paste the link in the URL address bar. Zoom will ask you for the permission to launch, click OK and you will be the live session. If you have any difficulty send me a message via Canvas Inbox so that I can help you.


Getting Started with Canvas as a Student (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Students can get help with Canvas by calling the IT department's Help Desk at 215-496-6000. You may also contact me if you have any Canvas related issue.


Students with Disabilities

Students who are registered with the Center on Disability must inform the instructor by the end of the first week of classes if special accommodations are requested. If you have any questions about special accommodations, you may also contact the Center on Disability at 215-751-8050 they are located in Room BG-39.

Academic Honesty

Read section about academic honesty in the Students’ handbook (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. You will receive an F if you violate the stated policy.

Other Policies

Any material discussed in class whether in the text book or not, may be on the exam. Also any material that is in the textbook from the relevant chapters and not covered in class may also be on the exam. You cannot assume that all the material needed for the exam will be presented in the class.

I understand that you are all busy adults. Therefore, the Assignments, Discussions, and Quizzes will remain open for one week on the Canvas system.

Discussion: The original discussion response (minimum 100 words) is due on each week by Wednesday midnight at 11:59 pm. Response to peers (two other students) will be due by Sunday 11:59 pm.

Speech Assignment: Written speech outline will be due on Wednesday at 11:59 pm. The delivery of the speech will be due on Thursday at 8:00 pm.

Please don’t wait until the last minute to submit your work.  If you have any technical difficulty, immediately contact your teacher. For any medical emergencies, provide a doctor’s note. If you have a death in the family, give the funeral card or a death certificate to the teacher.


Weekly Schedule

Week 1 Chapter- 1 Introduction to public speaking (Sept. 4 to 9)

Introduction Discussion-1

Syllabus Assignment Part -1

Syllabus Quiz Part-2

First Live Zoom Session

Week 2. Chapter- 3 Ethics in public speaking (Sept. 10 to 16)

Speech 1- Self Introduction (Written Outline)

Discussion on Plagiarism-2

Speech 1- Delivered in the Second Live Session (On Thursday at 8 pm)

Week- 3 Chapter- 8 Organizing and outlining (Sept. 17 to 23)

Chapter 1 and 3 Quiz

Introduction Speech Feedback -1

Third Live Session (Continue delivering the speeches)

Week 4: Chapter- 5 Audience Analysis (Sept. 24 to 30)

Job Interview (part-1) written

Job Interview (part-2) video recording

Discussion on Audience Analysis-3

Fourth Live Session (Continue delivering the speeches)

Week 5 Chapter- 7 Supporting your ideas  (Oct. 1 to 7)

Speech- 2 Demonstration (Written Outline)

Speech – 2 Delivered in the Fifth Live Session

Week 6 Chapter- 10 Using language well (Oct. 8 to 14)

Chapter 5 and 8 Quiz

Demonstration Speech Feedback -2

Sixth Live Zoom Session (Continue delivering the speeches)

Week 7 Chapter 12 Delivering your speech (Oct. 15 to 21)

Speech -3 Problem-Cause-Solution (Written Outline)

Speech -3 Delivered in the Seventh Live Session

Week 8 Chapter 13 Visual Aids (Oct. 22 to 29)

Chapter 7 and 10 Quiz

Problem-Cause-Solution Speech Feedback -3

Eight Live Zoom Session (Continue delivering the speeches)

Week 9 Chapter 14 Speaking to a global audience (Oct. 30 to Nov. 4)

Speech-4 Impromptu

Chapter 12 and 13 Quiz

Speech -4 Delivered in the Ninth Live Session

Week 10 Chapter 17 Special Occasion Speaking (Nov. 5 to 11)

Speech-5 Eulogy (Written Outline)

Discussion on Special Occasion Speech-4

Speech -5 Delivered in the Tenth Live Session

Week 11 Chapter 16 and 18 Persuasive Speaking / Group Presentations (Nov. 12 to 18)

Chapter 14 and 17 Quiz

Eleventh Live Zoom Session (Continue delivering the speeches)

Week 12 Speech- 6 Farewell Speech Assignment (Nov. 19 to 25)

Speech- 6 Farewell (Written Outline)

No Live Zoom Session (School Closed- Thanksgiving Holiday)

Week 13 (Nov. 26th to Dec. 2nd)

Farewell Speech Delivery in the Live Session

Week 14 (Dec. 3rd to 9th)

Makeup Speeches in the Live Session

Module 15 (Dec. 10th to 15th)

Final Exam



Speech 1: Introduction (in live session)                               65 points

Speech 2: Demonstration (in live session)                           65 points

Speech 3: Problem-Cause-Solution (in live session)           65 points

Speech 4: Impromptu Speech (in live session)                    65 points

Speech 5: Eulogy (in live session)                                         65 points

Speech 6: Farewell (in live session)                                      65 points

One Job Interview (video recording)                                    60 points



Course Summary:

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