Course Syllabus

 Math 162 Syllabus Outline
for Summer 7A 2016
(You will find detailed syllabus in the Introduction Modules)
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Instructor: Dr. Yun Yoo

The key to success in this on-line course is your regular work and communication with the instructor. All communications between students and instructor are by mail ("INBOX") in Canvas. The "INBOX"  appears on the Canvas screen and is located in the upper right of the screen.


The outcomes for Math 162 - Student will be able to:

(1) graph and determine properties of exponential and logarithmic functions.
(2) graph and determine properties of trigonometric functions.
(3) graph and determine properties of inverse trigonometric functions.
(4) solve problems using trigonometric identities.
(5) use polar coordinates to graph polar equations.
(6) convert complex numbers between rectangular and polar form.
(7) perform operations on vectors in the plane.


Math 162 Online Course Management Systems:

(1) Canvas : (for Communication with instructor)

(2) PearsonMyLab ( MyMathLab) (for Homeworks, Tests)

This is a strictly Math course supported by Canvas and  PearsonMyLab(MyMathLab) course management computer systems. Both systems are relatively easy to deal with, reliable, and provide a tech support.


Watch the YouTube video forDirections on Accessing PearsonMyLab (Links to an external site.)                 

You will need to create a username and password and use the


PearsonMyLab Course ID:  yoo13957


Text: The PearsonMyLab MyMathLab Standalone Access Code (online text only) can be purchased at either ($99.95 as of Fall 2015) or the CCP Main bookstore (printed customized text with access code). Only a PearsonMyLab access code is mandatory. PearsonMyLab contains ALL assignments, videos, and the text online ("Algebra and Trigonometry," 5th Edition by Bob Blitzer, Boston: Pearson/Addison-Wesley, ©2014) so a printed textbook is optional. 


If you do not have or able to buy the access code yet, you can get a Temporary Access Code  (Links to an external site.)for 14 days (linked at the bottom after you enter the Course ID). Do NOT create another account when the temp access code expires! BEWARE! of fake or used access codes being sold online through other vendors.


Grades:Final grade will be based on the weighted average of Homeworks and tests:

7 Homeworks (in  MyMathLab, Every Week): 49%; 

3 Tests  (in  MyMathLab, Week 2, 4, 6): 30%;

1 Final Exam (in  MyMathLab, Week 7): 21%;

90%-100 % 




70%-79 %   


60%-69 % 


0%-59 %    




You must use Modules to work through the course timeline and

you muse use MyMathLab to do homeworks and tests. 

Course Summary:

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