Course Syllabus

Dear Friends,
Welcome to the class!
I hope that you will do your best and will pass it with a grade you expect.
I wish Good Luck to all of you.

Don't be upset if you will find that 162 is  difficult. It is not an easy class
and it will require a lot of your time and efforts.
But I'm sure that if you are dedicated enough you can master the material.

I also think you should be aware that online Math classes are not recommended
for people who had problems with mathematics in the past. 
It is more difficult to take online Math class rather than one on campus.

Good Luck!

 Learning objectives of Precalculus II:


to master abstract notion of a function and to learn specific functions such as

 Exponential, Logarithmic, Trigonometric and their applications.    






To take the class it is necessary to have access to the Thinkwell website.

Please, DO NOT BUY USED THINKWELL'S BOOKS you will be unable to access

their website.

You have  to buy online access to the  website   for about $150 for 12 months. 

You go to

click on "Welcome Students", Click here to register or purchase » (Links to an external site.)



select PA-CCP-MATH162 (Isaac Pesenson)


"Register without subscription code"

and follow instructions.

Once again, you have to have access to the Thinkwell's website.



Let me remind you that it is an on-line class. The main options you have are just on your left:







Right now you are on the Home page. The Syllabus page is essentially the same as this one.

The Modules page contains detailed description of all 15 weeks of this class. It says what lectures

to watch, what sections to read, what exercises to do. It also reminds you about upcoming Quizzes

and Midterms. It is important to remember that all Quizzes and Midterms are taken on Thinkwell's site.

However, Weekly Assignments and Weekly Discussions can be found only on Canvas.

Files page on Canvas contains more than 30 lectures which can be of some help.


 Warning: Weekly assignments which contain just one single question are labeled by Canvas as Quizzes.
 However, they are not substitutes for Quizzes you supposed to take on Thinkwell's site!



1. Functions and their graphs.
2. Exponential function.
3. Logarithmic function.
4. Trigonometric functions.
5. Inverse trigonometric functions.
6. Applications.

Graded Homework:

 You can spend unlimited time on every Graded Homework and submit it three
times. The best take will be counted. Every other take will
contain different but similar questions. The Graded Homework  contains 25 questions which cover corresponding topics.



Every quiz is 90 min long and can be submitted only once. It contains 25 questions which cover corresponding topics.


Please, do all quizzes and tests on time. They all start on Saturdays at 00:00  and end on Mondays at 23:00.

Quizzes are 90 min long and Tests are 150 min long.

During these three days you can choose any time to do them.

You can attempt each quiz or test only once.

No make ups for quizzes and tests!

Very Important!
It is mandatory to take Final Exam.
Everyone who will not take Final Exam will get an F in this class.


To do some of exercises you will need a calculator that has exponential,

logarithmic and trigonometric functions in it.



Final Exam(cumulative, on campus): 30%. You will take it at the end of 15-th week.
Midterm 1                       15%. You will take it at the end of 6-th week.
Midterm 2                       15%. You will take it at the end of 11-th week.
All quizzes together      15%. There will be 10 quizzes during this semester.
Graded Homework         15%. There will be 14 graded homework's.

Weekly questions           5%

Discussions                    5%.

A: 90- 100%, B- 80-89%, C- 70- 79%, D: 40- 69%, F: bellow 40%.


If you have any questions you are encouraged to contact me at and we can also meet

during my office hours which I'm holding

on NERC, Teacher's Lounge, MW from 4:30 to 6:30pm, Saturday from 9:00 to 11:00AM.


Any student who has a need for accommodation based on the impact of a disability  should contact the

Center  on Disability (Bonnell Building, Room BG-39,  215-751-8050 or Email Us (Links to an external site.)

) to discuss the specific situation as soon as possible.


Course Summary:

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